Please delete my account


I have created a account here, having received on the orca-list mailing list an email with the title:
“Announcement: this mailing list will be retired by the end of Oct 2022” and telling "Mailing list subscribers are invited to migrate to GNOME’s Discourse instance. in the aim of fining if I could get acquainted with the UI.

The answer being “no I am not comfortable using it” I wanted to unsubscribe, but didn’t find how to do that. As someone has pointed out on the orca-list, this has already been asked:

The answer was:
“The account will be anonymised after sending this reply.”

Is it still not possible for a user to just unsubscribe and have his or her account immediately deleted? For me this is a “must have” feature for any media through which I communicate.

To be clear, I do not need or ask that the few messages that I have sent or received be deleted, only that my account be deleted.

I registered to the orca-list because I maintain an accessible distribution which ships orca among other a11y software, not using it myself but for testing (I am sighted) and for this kind of interactions I find a mailing list way more straightforward. This message is in no way aimed at despise discourse (which I am sure is useful to many) let alone the people kind enough to help with its usage or work to make GNOME software more accessible.


Didier Spaier

Anonymised accounts are the equivalent of deletion: the user name gets changed, and the password is reset, so nobody can log into the original account any more.

Accounts can also be deleted by admins; the anonymisation is used to retain existing topics and replies.

In any case, if you wish for an admin to delete your account, just say that. Right now I am unsure what you want to achieve.

thanks for your answer.

Please anonymise my account then.

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