Please, deactivate my account publicly and anonymously

Hello everyone.

I would like to deactivate my account. I would like my account to be deactivated, made anonymous and public.

I recently asked in the gnome community about a networking protocol, however I got no response. It was just a simple doubt that I had, and that I recently discovered a technical documentation explaining in greater detail how the network protocol works, its design, etc.

In that sense, I don’t see why I would have a gnome account here if I only had a technical question.

I opened this topic, because I didn’t find a topic on the gnome forum on how to deactivate my account (leave it anonymously and publicly).

My technical question, despite not being answered, can be a question for any user of the gnome forum. Therefore, I think about leaving the account publicly and anonymously. Because anyone who has this technical doubt, could refer to the topic and someone could someday answer this doubt.

If someone can help me, I would be happy with any answer.
If anyone can leave my account anonymously and publicly, I would be happy with any answer too.

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