Please create a btrfs tag

Ideal if any discussion, in any category, contains “btrfs” can be tagged so folks (like me) only get notifications for btrfs related questions. Thanks.

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Why do we need a btrfs discussion? Why would we discuss btrfs on the GNOME Discourse instance?

To be more precise:

  • this is a user/developer GNOME support forum. Discussions regarding btrfs should be discussed in a btrfs support forum, or tagged with the relevant GNOME component
  • issues related to btrfs support in GNOME should be filed on the appropriate issue tracker on GitLab
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Example: Compiling GTK from scratch - compilation of gobject-introspection fails

Starting with Fedora 33, Workstation Edition (and desktop spins) now default to Btrfs. And there have been from time to time general questions and discussions about integration between desktop and the file system. If there were a Btrfs tag, it improves the chance of interested parties to get a notification.

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