Please build against libsoup 3 by default!

Hi developers,

If your library or application supports building against both libsoup 2 and libsoup 3, please make sure that for GNOME 43, libsoup 3 should be the default choice in your meson_options.txt. This also applies to webkit2gtk-4.1 (libsoup 3) vs. webkit2gtk-4.0 (libsoup 2). If your library or application does not have an option to choose which version to use, it is fine to unconditionally depend on libsoup 3.

If your application or library still depends on libsoup 2, now is the time to port to libsoup 3! All software not ported will be removed from GNOME eventually, probably for GNOME 44 next year. But software that depends on webkit2gtk-4.0 must be ported immediately, as that will be removed imminently to reduce the number of WebKitGTKs that we have to build.


FWIW, I’m working on a patch to port seahorse to libsoup3 atm. Should be out this week or the next


More tips:

  • The preferred meson option name is soup2, boolean option type.
  • If you maintain a library and the same API version supports multiple libsoup APIs, add a soupapiversion variable to your pkg-config file so your dependencies can fail to build instead of crash at runtime. Example

I’m a bit confused due to the versioning, but is there still a WebKitGTK version with libsoup3 that is for GTK3 ?

webkit2gtk-4.0 => gtk3, soup2
webkit2gtk-4.1 => gtk3, soup3
webkit2gtk-5.0 => gtk4, soup3


More details and recommendations.

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