Play folders in order of filename?

Hi, when I connect to Rygel using my DLNA-enabled radio and browse to a folder it plays the MP3 files in alphabetical order of the song titles from the ID3 tags.

Based on I suspect that the client may not be requesting a sort order when playing a folder and that Rygel defaults to sorting alphabetically by song title. Unfortunately MiniDLNA does the same thing, as does the DLNA feature of TP-Link routers (which use MiniDLNA internally).

The only solution I’ve found is to strip all the ID3 tags from the files (for example using id3convert: id3convert --strip *.mp3). This causes the files to be played in alphanumeric order of filename, which is the correct order because the files are named like 01_Foo.mp3, 02_Bar.mp3, etc. This also works with MiniDLNA. (You probably only have to strip the song title tags not the rest? Not sure.)

But obviously I don’t want to strip the ID3 tags from my whole music collection.

Is there any way to get Rygel to sort folders in order of filename? Or failing that, in order of the track numbers from the ID3 tags rather than sorting by song title?

For example is there some way that I can configure Rygel’s default sort order? (I couldn’t see anything in man rygel.conf or in the default /etc/rygel.conf file.)

One comment on suggests that when browsing by folder (instead of using the metadata-powered albums and artists menus) Rygel doesn’t know that the folder contains an album. Is there any way that I can inform Rygel that my folders are albums? (Without having to use the metadata-powered browsing.)


If you turn off metadata extraction all together (assuming you are not using the Tracker back-end), then it should work as you expect.

EDIT: Ok, /will/ work once I release a new 0.40.4, this was lost at some point

Thanks! I’m on Ubuntu (22.04) and have Rygel 0.40.3. If 0.40.4 appears in Ubuntu I’ll give it a try. I’ve no idea whether I’m using the Tracker backend though (I’m just using whatever setup ships preinstalled with Ubuntu)

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