Planner 0.14.92 released

Planner project management tool version 0.14.92 is out!

This is a source code only beta release, testing it and reporting bugs is much
appreciated. I expect some distributions upgrading it as well. Flatpak is still in the plans, but not yet there - help welcome!

  • Bugs fixed:

    • #248 Drop exporter to Planner 0.11 format (Mart Raudsepp)
    • #255 extra Default calendar created when opening .planner file (Christophe
    • #257 Segfault when removing a resource (Christophe Noisel)
    • !50 Update and POTFILES.skip 230205
    • !53 DOAP: Replace defunct mailing list
  • Translation updates

As there was no announcement here for the previous big release, here are the release notes for that as well:

  • Code hosting, issues and feature requests have been migrated from bugzilla to
    GNOME gitlab: World / planner · GitLab

  • The UI code has been ported to use GTK3 instead of GTK2. As a prerequisite of
    that, settings have been migrated from GConf to GSettings (dconf), and the UI
    descriptions have been migrated from libglade to modern GtkBuilder files
    (Mart Raudsepp, Yavor Doganov, Alexandre Franke, !22, !26, !42, #237, #250)

  • The build system is changed to Meson (Marty E. Plummer, Mart Raudsepp, !8, !30)

  • Anti-aliased drawing in gantt display (!22)

  • The libplanner API library has been made private, removing support for
    out-of-tree plugins, but none were known to exist (#238)

  • Modernized date handling in libplanner, also fixing issues during daylight
    savings time and dates past year 2038 (#69, #247, !28, !45, !46)

  • Fixed opening and saving files with spaces and non-ASCII characters (#3, #213)

  • Configuration files moved to XDG directories (Caolan McNamara, Luis Menina)

  • Various bug and API deprecation fixes (Alexandre Franke, Julian Taylor,
    Daniel Mustieles, Ville Skyttä, Arthur Petitpierre, Luis Menina,
    Gilles Dartiguelongue, vcr, Caolan McNamara, Anders Jonsson, 00willo
    Andrew Miloradovsky, Mac Tuitio, Ahmed Baïzid, Alexander Alzate Olaya,
    Andre Klapper, Piotr Drąg, Günther Wagner, Christophe Noisel)

  • Updated dependencies:

    • GLib >= 2.56
    • GTK >= 3.22
    • evolution-data-server >= 3.6 (optional)
    • libgda 5 (optional)
    • meson >= 0.56 (build-time only)
  • Removed dependencies:

    • GConf2 (but if installed, one-time user settings migration is performed)
    • gnome-vfs
    • intltool
    • libgnomeui
    • libgnomecanvas (ported to GTK3 code is bundled instead)
    • libglade
    • PyGTK
  • Bugs fixed:

    • #3 Saving file with spaces in the name (Ahmed Baïzid)
    • #12 Timeline disappeared - conversion issue from tm to mrptime with timezone
      (Mart Raudsepp)
    • #69 Prevent wrapping of dates beyond 2038 (Mart Raudsepp)
    • #202 [patch] crash with LC_TIME=pt_PT (Mart Raudsepp)
    • #213 Files with spaces in the filename do not open (Ahmed Baïzid)
    • #221 Update installation guide (Ahmed Baïzid)
    • #226 Unzip Dia diagrams (Ahmed Baïzid)
    • #230 the signedness warnings may (and should) be fixed (Andrew Miloradovsky,
      Günther Wagner)
    • #237 gtk3: Fix date picker popup behaviour (Mart Raudsepp)
    • #238 Make libplanner private for now (Mart Raudsepp)
    • #247 Refactor mrptime to not break on year 2038 and not have problems with
      DST (Mart Raudsepp, Günther Wagner)
    • #250 Fix basic dark mode support (Mart Raudsepp)
    • !8 Port to meson, gda5, eds-3.33
    • !22 GTK3 port
    • !25 data: Add translator comments to the .desktop file (Piotr Drąg)
    • !26 GTK3 preparations: GSettings, GtkBuilder, GSEAL, deprecation fixes, etc
    • !27 Port libplanner to new GObject style
    • !28 Refactor MrpTime API (Günther Wagner)
    • !30 Port MIME type handling from intltool to gettext (Mart Raudsepp)
    • !31 Add basic CI that build tests for Ubuntu and Fedora (Mart Raudsepp)
    • !36 Meson: i18n.merge_file() does not take positional arguments (Ahmed Baïzid)
    • !38 Issue #221: Remove the installation guide (Ahmed Baïzid)
    • !42 Database support: GSetting schemas are missing (Ahmed Baïzid)
    • !43 retrieve sibling_priv later so it match the sibling we just set
      (Christophe Noisel)
    • !44 after moving tasks, unselect before restoring selection
      (Christophe Noisel)
    • !46 Fix mrp-time tests with glib-2.74 (Mart Raudsepp, Christophe Noisel)
    • !47 ci: Depend on libgda5-devel on Fedora instead of libgda-devel
    • !48 Migrate app-id to app.drey.Planner (Mart Raudsepp)

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