Pitivi global shortcuts to cut video/music

Hi there, My use case is very simple I am trying to set up pitivi in the way it split music into blocks so then I can remove blocks from the music clip. I want to listen to it in the background and when I hear something I don’t want to have there I want to split/cut it out. My desire is to have global shortcut in gnome to split, go forward/backward in my music clip while not switching to the program at all cause I am going to be busy working on other stuff and changing all the time to do it is annoying.

I can see that I can create python plugin for it to call it basically with my terminal, and I know that I can set up any shortcut in gnome to call command. I guess that would be the easiest way to do it. Maybe I am missing something and if you have better suggestion for this problem please let me know. I also don’t know where the documentation for the things I want is, or where to look for it. So I am trying to get as much information as possible here, as well in pitivi channel.

Some answers already are here https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/pitivi/issues/2359

so far I could find this. as documentation https://developer.pitivi.org/Plugins.html?gi-language=undefined

did anybody have similar use case and find the solution ???

I know a bit of python, so it shouldn’t be a problem to make a plugin if I have documentation, and references. also I am not afraid of terminal, so if it is possible to do it completely with terminal without creating a plugin, I would prefer that, than I can set it up to call any command I want.

Thanks a lot

I use these Pitivi shortcuts that make editing easier and faster for me.


I am aware of in program shortcuts, but that doesn’t solve my use case. I want to work on other things and listen to music, and when I hear something I don’t like I want to split the video/music to sections, without alt tabing to program. it is very important that I don’t need to context switch. but thank you.

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