Pipewire and Hi-Res Audio Output


I recently installed Debian 12 on my two new NUCs. As a Gnome User I therefore automatically switched from Pulseaudio to Pipewire. I have a lot of Hi-Res Flac Source Material. One of the NUCs is connected to a Hi-Res Capable DAC from Fiio, the other Nuc is connected to an “USB to COAX/OPT/HDMI Converter”, which in turn is connected to my Yamaha RA-A4A, both capable of handling Hi-Res Audio. Of course I want Hi-Res Output from Pipewire to these two devices. In Pulseaudio this was a matter of changing two lines in the daemon.conf to 24 bit and 192khz. I have no idea how to affect these changes in Pipewire and since widespread use of Pipewire is still quite recent googling the problem was not as helpful as it normally is.
How can I change the output of Pipewire to 24/192khz as default?

Yours sincerely

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