Photos missing after upgrade from shotwell 0.30.14-ubuntu6 to 0.32.1

I had the version of shotwell which installs with Ubuntu 22.04.02 (0.30.14-ubuntu6). Wanting support for CR3 files I decided to get the latest version from the github mirror 0.32.1 (8c7d1c31ab6d46a3105a660a13d60b204bc8010a) and compile this with LibRaw 0.21.1. After doing this and running the freshly compiled version of shotwell it ran for some time before deciding that it could not find any of the photos. They are listed as missing, but are actually present on disk. The library directory configured in shotwell seems to be correct. I’m not sure if this matters but it is a symlink to an external drive array which is sometimes not on. The drive array was mounted and available at the time shotwell was run (I can see the photos on it).

Any idea why the photos might not be available? I have about 60k images and videos managed by shotwell so losing all the tags and other metadata that might be stored in shotwell would be a big loss.


No, unfortunately not. This error tends to happen with external drives or network mounts, and is nothing new to 0.32, but I have absolutely no idea what is happening when it happens.

photo.db has filenames like ‘/home/sean/Pictures/2023/04/05/IMG_8713.CR2’ and when I do an ‘ls’ the file exists. Does photo.db have the the authoritative file name for a file shotwell manages or should I look elsewhere?

Yes, photo.db is the authorative source of all files managed. Some of the lines in PhotoTable are derivatives of the main file, though.

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