Photos and videos from West Coast Hackfest 2019, Portland


I took a few timelapse videos at the hackfest, after checking with attendees that they didn’t mind being caught on camera, and posted them on Youtube (unlisted, so you need to know the link to be able to find it):

I thought that it might be useful to post them here, in case they are useful for some promotional material. if anyone would like the original video files, just let me know. I have to create the video from the first day, and go through my photos from the trip, but that can wait until I get back.

Maybe other attendees could post some photos and videos from the event too?

Thanks for the great hackfest - we got loads of documentation work completed, and it was great to meet up with everyone for the first time in ages.


Here are some of my photos, just putting them here for reference:


Awesome! Thank you for posting the photos and the time lapse, good stuff! :slight_smile:

Urban Office inside and outside.

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