Phantom keypress when switching workspace impacting Xwayland apps

Hello everyone,

I’m running Gnome 46 using Wayland session (on OpenSuse Slowroll 20240405).

I’ve been having a weird issue when switching workspace with windows that contain Xwayland apps. The last pressed key (PgUp/Down) is kept pressed inside the app until a new key is pressed, scrolling to the bottom or top depending on how the workspace was switched into. Issue only happens when using the Overview (Super → Super + PgUp/Down → Super) and does not happen when switching directly (Super + PgUp/Down) into the new workspace/window.

All extensions were disabled and system rebooted prior to recording a video of the issue. Workspace 1 contains Tilix terminal emulator, 2 - Gnome text editor, 3 - VSCode (xwayland) and 4 - Google Chrome (xwayland). Issue also happens in flatpaks (Spotify / xwayland) though it is not in the video.

I found a similar issue from a few years ago on Manjaro Forums but without a resolution.
Oh, I just realized all the apps I used for examples were also Chromium/Electron but I’ve verified using Filezilla that the issue happens with any Xwayland app.

Are you using version 46.1 of gnome-shell and mutter? There were some potentially related fixed and there was at least one report of this issue disappearing after updating to those.

Ah, I’m still on gnome-shell and mutter version 46.0 in Slowroll. Will wait for the 46.1 update to trickle down and update the ticket. Thanks! :tada: