Permission to include GString functions as prior art in a paper submitted to ISO


My name is Christopher Bazley and I am a member of BSI (the British Standards Institution) and WG14 (the international standardization working group for the programming language C).

I would like permission to include some content from GLib in a paper that I soon plan to submit to the C standards committee, via the process outlined here: Contributing

The content comprises only undocumented g_string… function declarations, the GString type definition, and my own summary of their features and usage. I am citing them as ‘prior art’ in a paper proposing a standard string buffer type for the C programming language.

I order to participate in ISO activities, I had to accept their policies (ISO - Declaration for participants in ISO activities) which include:

“Content, such as publications, documents, text, figures, images or other content that you submit to the ISO or ISO/IEC standards development process may be copyright protected. Copyright in such content remains with the initial copyright owner. If you offer such content, you undertake to declare this to ISO or ISO/IEC, identify the name of the copyright holder and assist ISO or ISO/IEC in obtaining appropriate permission to i) share the content in the standards development process, ii) to publish the content, or parts thereof, in original or modified form in ISO or ISO/IEC standards and iii) to exploit the content as part of an ISO or ISO/IEC standard according to ISO and IEC practice.”

To be clear, my proposal is not simply to standardize the GLib functions, therefore I do not anticipate them being published “in original or modified form in ISO or ISO/IEC standards”. However, I would like to “share the content in the standards development process” (with appropriate acknowledgement of the licence and copyright which applies to GLib).

May I assume that my proposed usage is acceptable under the terms of the LGPL-2.1-or-later which apply to the library code?

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Sure, that should be no problem. The license requires that the code snippets you include keep their license and copyright attributions with them. I would suggest also including a link to the full version of the code (e.g. glib/gstring.c · main · GNOME / GLib · GitLab or a link which is pinned to a specific git revision).

Is there any way we can follow along and see how this paper progresses and is received? I’m interested. Thanks!

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That’s great! Thanks also for your swift reply. I have other permissions to obtain and I’m trying to beat the deadline for getting my paper on the agenda for the June meeting.

I’ll try to remember to come back here and post a link to my paper once it is in the WG14 document log. If I don’t, I hope you’ll soon be able to find a copy at WG 14 Document log

I’ll check with other members to see whether I can report on progress.

Sometimes information leaks out from the committee. :slightly_smiling_face: For example, Reddit - Dive into anything

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