Performance issues with GNOME Boxes


I am running a Fedora (Workstation 37) on a Framework Laptop (, 12th Gen).
I am using multiple Boxes for my work, which are ran through qemu by GNOME Boxes.

From time to time the Boxes performance completely crashes to a point where working is impossible.
The next day it will be fine again.
The task manager (it is a Win10 VM) says the “disk” usage is at 100%.

I cannot really figure out why this is happening since I am not very much of an hardware/OS expert.
I would be grateful if you could help me with tracing the problem and hopefully help to solve it.

I know I provide very little information in this post, since I don’t know what information can be helpful. I am happy to provide more of the information needed for solving this problem :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Please, in Boxes go to the VM Preferences (right-click on the icon view), and share here the content of the Troubleshooting Logs. View the troubleshooting log of a box

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