Paths and the transient Move option


When using the path tool in GIMP 2.99 there is a ‘Move’ radio button. It can be pressed and the active path can be moved.
If you try and move another path, it flicks back to’ Design’ mode, and if you try and move the path, it will instead be Design edited. Which means you have to Undo, select move again, and then move it. Is there a reason for the forced mode switch back to Design?

Also, perhaps the Paths tool should always start in Design mode if there are no Paths?

Also, it feels like it should automatically switch to Move mode when you duplicate a path?
Shift-D, move it, then design.

I never use the Move mode, because it requires Alt and plain Alt keypresses are captured by my window manager and Gimp doesn’t see them. I don’t miss this much anyway because there is always the Move tool in Path mode.

Speaking of Path tool modes, I also fail to see the point of the Edit mode. it looks a lot like Design but you can’t move anchors, it would be clearer to have a freeze anchors option.

IMHO the Paths tool is more missing real function, like smoothing a path, or producing a path that is parallel to the existing one, or a ribbon centered on the current path.


I also had this problem with Alt, I think I got around it by changing an OS setting, if that’s wanted. It only requires alt to toggle to that mode, it can be selected as well. Yes, there is the Move tool, and it seems reasonable to have that kind of functionality in the Paths Tool.

Design mode is for moving the anchors, handles or flexing the curve sections, adding additional sections. Edit is for the anchor handles or adding new anchors to the path. Move is for moving sub sections of a path, or the whole path.

Trying to work out if flicking back to design mode was a feature or accident.

possibly an easy change or fix

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