Pango Markup Language docs

The user documentation for the Pango Markup Language used to be at

This gives a 404 now. Is there a new location?

PyGTK are the deprecated Python bindings for GTK2, which is EOL since December 2020.

The documentation for the Pango markup is available on, alongside the rest of the Pango API references, as well as GTK.

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FWIW, the ‘Manual’ link on also gives 404.

It’s a known issue. The problem is that the people who set up the Pango website aren’t around any more, and nobody knows where the sidebar even comes from.

I hope that is not an indicator of the health of Pango…

It is some sort of a Wiki. If you can give me access I can give it a try.

No, just of the weird website choices of the late 2000s. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I can’t give you access, but I have write access to it, and the sidebar is not part of the wiki. Plus, there seem to be some redirect in place that is not managed by the wiki itself. I’m waiting for the system administrators of the GNOME infrastructure to verify.

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