PAGING instead of scrolling in Gnome applications

Gnome 45.1 in Manjaro up to date.
I have a laptop without page down key.

When using gthumb to search in a large image set, I would like to be able to page, not only scroll.

To page means to display as many items as possible on the window, which makes one page, then to press some touch (like space bar or page down) to go to the next page.

To scroll means to move a cursor to remove items on top of the window and add items on bottom.

Scrolling is more tiring for attention and less efficient to find something. Also, when the set is very large, the cursor becomes very small and more sensitive.

Same problem in nautilus, gedit.

Some programs have paging:

evince (Document Viewer)



more or less.

In Gnome Tweaks > Keyboard, I found “Emacs Input - Overides shortcuts to use keybings from the Emacs editor.” Is this related to my question?

To make very simple: in gthumb, pressing the space bar should move one page down.

Workaround in gthumb: the down arrow key moves one line down, if the line number in page is constant, for example 5, page down is obtained by 5 times down arrow.

Hello. nautilus contributor here.

Have you tried Page Down and Page Up?

But is there a Fn+key combination that acts as a page down key? Every laptop I have used has supported a page-down key combination if it didn’t have a dedicated key.

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[fn] [down arrow] does more or less one page down.

In Nautilus, it does less so I have to view the first 3 lines twice.

In gthumb, it does more, so I miss one line per page.

This might depend on thumb and window sizes.

I gedit, it repeats one line like C-v in Emacs.

Thank you.

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