Page up/down with space bar

Hi, I asked this question when v36 was current. Now that v40 is here, I tried to page the message contents with the space bar, and nothing happens. To be specific: I select a message with the mouse, press the space bar, I expect the message contents to page. I can click in the message content area and use PageUp/Down keys – that works.

I’m not sure if that’s a feature in Geary and it doesn’t work? Of if not a current feature, where do I post a feature request?

I recently worked with some basic Webkit programming. I got Webview to page with these simple calls (in C, with WebKitGTK+):
Forward (space bar):

“window.scrollTo(0, window.scrollY + window.innerHeight * 0.9);”,

Backward (shift-space):

“window.scrollTo(0, window.scrollY - window.innerHeight * 0.9);”,

BTW, I recently jumped from v3.36 to v40. What a difference in the UI and overall feel. Great work.


This is documented in the Keyboard Shortcuts page (Ctrl + ?).

Space bar will move the focus to the next message in the conversation. You may not realize it, at least on Adwaita theme, as the focused message is wrapped in a tiny dashed line, which is hardly visible. The message is not expanded by default. You should use Enter to expand/collapse it.

To summarize it:

  • Space to move to the next message
  • Shift+Space to move to the previous message
  • Enter to expand/collapse (should this be documented in the Keyboard Shortcuts page?)

Okay. I did see that Help page before but I couldn’t figure out what the tiny symbol was.


It sort of looks like “w”. Now I know it’s the space bar. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, would be nice to have a way to page the individual message contents via keyboard, without having to first change focus from message list. In Thunderbird and Sylpheed, for example, you just press space bar and the message contents is paged. If the message is threaded, then the space bar should simply page through each message in the thread, starting with the first.

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