Packaging GTK app on macOS

I have a GTK app which, on macOS, builds fine against the homebrew supplied GTK libraries. While I can distribute this via homebrew, I am really looking for the current best-practice for creating a single-file installer for my app. There are many sources of information about this online, and struggle to figure out what’s the recommended way to do this in 2024.

So: is there an up-to-date source on how to package GTK apps on macOS into a single-file installer, preferably including the signing process? Thanks!

just remembering this thread because I have the same problem … I was looking into meson, and it seems that it can do it for you:

That page unfortunately doesn’t even mention Gtk, nor does it talk about multiple architectures.

Well meson is a build system, you need to prepare the meson project file to build your program, that includes GTK dependencies, then if you follow the tutorial you will be able to build a macOS app that contains all dependencies, including GTK.