Package 'gtk4' requires 'gio-2.0 >= 2.76.0' but version of gio-2.0 is 2.74.4

Trying on both macOS Intel 11.7.10 and macOS M1 Apple Silicon 14.4.1.

gtk, etc installed via Homebrew for both systems. Homebrew reports all packages are up-to-date however I’m receiving the following error:

Package 'gtk4' requires 'gio-2.0 >= 2.76.0' but version of gio-2.0 is 2.74.4

Any tips or suggestions on how I can resolve this would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

GIO is a subproject of GLib. Looks like Homebrew has GLib 2.80.2 available. Are you sure your GLib is really up to date?

Most of us are unfamiliar with Homebrew and macOS and won’t be able to help, but maybe somebody will see this and know what is wrong.

Hi, @mcatanzaro thanks for the suggestion. Yes I am running GLib 28.80.2, please see here:

brew info glib

==> glib: stable 2.80.2

Core application library for C


/usr/local/Cellar/glib/2.80.2 (526 files, 35.1MB) *

Built from source on 2024-05-13 at 14:55:49


License: LGPL-2.1-or-later

Someone is packaging Glib for Homebrew on your side. Is there perhaps a team member that can help with how I upgrade GIO?

Thanks for any info you or someone can provide.

Only the Homebrew community is packaging GLib: upstream is not involved with downstream packaging on any platform.

I recommend asking on the Homebrew support forums.

Ok, thank you. I’ve made a few posts to them; I’ll report back. Thanks

@ebassi how can I make a request for gtk to be included in the Apple Framework .pkg distribution that I can download for gstreamer?

Reading the release notes for gtk4 it discusses many improvements for GTK but you do not include gtk specifically in the release. As both gtk and gstreamer are gnome projects is there a way that the gstreamer team can do this?

Previously I’ve asked for support and the gstreamer team relayed that users were on their own to install it however they feature gstreamer tutorials that use it. This is very frustrating.

Alternatively if there is a gtk Apple Framework (.pkg package) that I can download and install and point to that may also resolve the issue.

Again, thanks for your help and suggestions. I’m at a total loss and can’t move forward.

You probably want to ask on the GStreamer Discourse instance, since it’s their project.

GTK developers do not really package GTK for any platform. I understand it’s inconvenient, but contributions outside of Linux come from people already maintaining their own projects. It’s not like there are tons of developers working on GTK to begin with, and we’re all volunteers.

If somebody wants to work on a binary build for GTK on macOS (or Windows) then they are free to contribute one.

@ebassi thanks for your replies. I’ll ask on the gstreamer discourse and see how that goes. Thanks too for your suggestion on packaging. If I can find someone who can build a .pkg for gtk I’ll post back.

If you can point me to a volunteer on the GTK team who is working macOS, I’m happy to ping them.

There are install instructions for GTK for macOS but they don’t use homebrew or a mac framework (.pkg) which makes it difficult to use and install when using those environments. I am working with a friend who is running on Linux and am trying to share some code but we can’t.

If I find a solution I’ll post back or open a new note so others can benefit. Thanks again for your quick replies and your willingness to help.