Overview blanks out in GNOME 40 when windows are open

Hi, I recently installed GNOME 40 beta on arch linux. Since the I have encountered a single major issue,
when there are no windows on the desktop the overview works fine, But if I open any window the overview goes blank showing only a gray screen, the top bar, and the dash but no windows or

This is how it looks if I open a window:

I tried searching this issue on the Arch forum but no luck and neither was any other resource useful.

I am using mutter 40.0-3.


Could you disable the extensions you are running and see if that fixes it?

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After disabling the extensions it worked, but can you please explain why the extensions which actually came with the installation of gnome are causing this issue,

Thank You.

Could you by a chance identify which extension is the one that broke it?

I’d guess you stumbled upon a bug, it shouldn’t have broken like that.

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The extension which broke this was windowNavigator: switch windows using keyboard.

Thank You.

Please file an issue

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