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This is regarding the content under “Our technologies” heading in https://www.gnome.org/technologies/

While I am sure that GNOME developer’s contribution to the development of Linux kernel / Flatpak and systemd are significant, listing them under “Our technologies” doesn’t seem right.

Also, if Flatpak / systemd have their origins in GNOME, we should properly provide references for it. I don’t see any such references in Wikipedia for these 2 technologies.



GNOME has a close relationship with systemd. A number of systemd features originated in the GNOME project, and ongoing collaborations ensure effective integration with this core technology.

Lennart Poettering has long had a relationship with GNOME, and various members of the community have contributed to systemd


Alexander Larsson is an active member of GNOME, and flatpak is now widely used to power CI as well as distribute GNOME apps

That list does seem a bit odd though, quite a few entries are bordering more on “what we use” vs “what we make”


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