"+ Other Locations button" in Nautilus

Maybe someone would know how in nautilus window change button " + Other Locations" to actually show those locations (like in kde). It will save one mouse click that I have to click so many times every single day (so annoying). Is it made this way so that you could see available disk space?
Or how to add short-cuts to partition directories to the left-side menu?
Thank you

P.S. I really liked in Windows that in explorer you can instantly visually clearly see how much space you have left in every partition. It would be great if gnome could redesign Nautilus so that it could show partition sizes/space :slight_smile:

When you plug in a removable storage device it is automatically mounted and shown in the left sidebar. For permanently mounted storage devices you can drag their mount point (directory) to the left sidebar to create a bookmark for it there. If you have internal storage devices that you have not permanently mounted, maybe set that up so you can also bookmark them.

The design team is working on modernizing Files. One of the tracks is for “Other Locations” and basically they are thinking about renaming it to “Network” and only showing remote file locations in it. Storage devices would show in the left sidebar instead of in “Other Locations”. It’s under design so this isn’t final.

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