Ordering files & folders by type on Gnome Desktop

I am running Gnome 3.28 (I think) on centos 7.8. I really like it but there is something I really miss from my mac days. The ability to order files and folders on the desktop by type on a fixed grid. Can anyone suggest a solution to help my desktop from looking like a bomb hit it? Many thanks

Hmmmm …not quite the answer I was expecting. I have used KDE but I prefer GNOME. Thank you for your suggestions.

In File (aka Nautilus), when grid view is active, there’s an arrow down button which opens the View options. Choose Sort»Type and files will be sorted by type. This works per folder. There’s no general setting to enable this view option globally, as far as I know.

Thank you. What you are suggesting is what I want but not on the desktop folder but on the desktop itself. I can right click on the Desktop and a window offers to Organise by Name. (The keep aligned button sort of works)
I figured that Tweaks might add more functionality to the desktop Orgnaisation, but I cannot find it, so I figure that there is a terminal command.

Ok, now I understand. I can’t help, as I don’t use the Desktop this way. My desktop is always empty.

I’ve read again your first message. Are you sure you’re running GNOME 3.28? It’s a very old version…

Errr … have you got a RHEL terminal command that give the Gnome version by any chance ?

Can’t you just check in Settings?

Anyway, you find it also in /usr/share/gnome/gnome-version.xml.

The settings gave me 3.28 and the xml confirms it. I am constantly updating the OS via the centos repos. They are known for always being a little conservative, but I notice the file has not been updated since 2018 so I am starting to wonder what I am missing out on.

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