Orca doesn't speak in Java Swing application

How to make the Orca screen reader read Java Swing Application on java 18 and higher. As far as I understand, I need java-atk-wrapper. After installing it, I launch the application with the command java -jar -Dassistive_technologies=org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper -verbose:jni test.jar.

In the logs I see movement through application elements, but Orca is silent. Tell me how to properly launch a Java Swing application so that Orca can speak it.

Hi. I’m also very interested in this problem, because my goal is to make JetBrains ides accessible. I compiled ATK wrapper from source and installed it. However, when I uncomment a line in accessibility_properties which enables assistive technology support, all my java programs fail to start with ClassNotFoundException. They can’t find org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper. I’m using Ubuntu 24.04

Please see with Oracle about this.

I has reported the issue a long time ago already, explaining the issue etc. but to no avail. The details are in Oracle incident 9127367
Bug Database but they couldn’t reproduce and the discussion didn’t actually happen. Now that the support was completely dropped from openjdk 17+ in Ubuntu, perhaps they’ll eventually notice that it’s completely broken and they really need to move on to get things working again. In the meanwhile, use openjdk 8…