Option to remove separator (--) before signature in Evolution?

Hey guys,

I use Evolution (3.42.4 on Manjaro Linux) for my work email, and I’m required to have some legal text before my actual signature. So, my signature ends up looking like this:

Link to legal stuff 1
Link to legal stuff 2


Chewie Kashyyyk
Galactic freedom fighter

Since I’m required by law to have the links to my legal statements BEFORE my actual signature on all emails, I can’t have the signature separator (--) before the signature, and have to manually remove it on every email I send (better than manually pasting in those links, though).

Is there any option to not include a signature separator (--)? I haven’t been able to find one. Maybe something that could be set in dconf or whatnot?

Much thanks.

Hi, the separator is -- (there is a space after the two dashes). It is a common internet standard defined in RFC 1849 and there is no reason to have an option for this to ignore this standard. You could make your legal standards part of your signature, for example.
(PS: Also see https://heyguys.cc/ - thanks!)

The problem is that I’m required to place the legal disclaimers/links above the signature, so the separator makes me non-compliant. It’s weird.

All the text shown above (legal and sincerely and name) could be put into the signature, for example.

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