Option to GroupBy Date Modified in Details View by Default

Would it be cool to have a Grouping Feature that could group all files and sub directories based on “Date Modified”?

The Current Explorer’s View (Settings in Option Menu) is set to system wide, so whenever I open a directory or tab a set of sub directories, I could easily identify and move the last modified files or sub-directories which would later show an aggregated view based on “Today, Last Week, Earlier this Month” as shown in the above image. Basically setting priority for files within these sub directories, for recently used. We can easily know when the files/directories were modified and which files and directories stayed dormant, by literally showing us based on our file system usage

By this view, I could sort them based on details for the size and type, inside these groups, making them easier to manually sort them, if and when moving them to a newly user defined categorized folders, it would show a simple acceptable catalogue view, without any need for meticulous user defined interventions to folder neatness.

This is just a suggestion, it would be stress free for some people, if this feature could sneak into Nautilus Project. :yum:

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