Option for zstd compression in files

We knownwhat happend in xz compression library and like fedora and other distros looking for to switch to zstd and remove xz.
So having this option in files makes sense.
Compression using zstd

Hi. Do you have a source for this decision to remove xz from distros? Or is it just your speculation?

There was a newsletter about the xz backdoor on Arch, I guess that is what is referred to: Arch Linux - News: The xz package has been backdoored

Yes, I’m aware or the backdoor situation.

But from “distributions have to downgrade to a non-compromised version” to “distributions are going to remove xz entirely” is quite a stretch.

What happened to xz could have just happened to zst, or any FOSS project for that matter.

That is a bit of a leap but that the issues with xz aside, would it not be good to have zstd tarballs as an option for archiving?