openQA testing update, summer 2023


I’m on my way back from GUADEC 2023 and here’s the latest news about openQA testing.

I gave a talk on the topic which you can watch here.
We also talked about openQA in the GNOME OS BoF.

There is a lot of interest in openQA & some exciting stuff may be coming. I
still only have an hour or two per week to spend on this stuff, but we have
plenty of ideas for things to work on, and with more hands we will be able
to get more done :slight_smile:

Here’s my rough priority list of things to work on:

  1. Fixing the existing GNOME OS tests. Currently there are a few app
    tests failing, mostly due to changes to the set of core apps.
  2. Add a new gnome-build-meta CI job to automatically promote main GNOME OS image as long as test-s3-image job passes.
  3. Enable pre-merge testing of gnome-build-meta branches so we can check if openQA tests need updating before landing stuff.
  4. Investigate module-specific openQA tests so you can have openQA tests in your module repo. There are various details to figure out but we are ready to start prototyping how this can work.

More exciting things which are planned but in early stages:

  • Organise an openQA hackfest to try and collaborate as much as possible
    with downstreams on openQA testing of GNOME.
  • Set up some hardware testing labs
    so we can test GNOME OS and GNOME Shell on physical devices.

Some things I don’t plan to work on now but we definitely want (maybe good newcomers tasks):

Have fun with openQA and please let me know if you can help out with any of these!



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