openQA + end-to-end testing feature requests


At FOSDEM I met with some of the SUSE crew who use and develop openQA, aiming to join forces and work more closely together on testing GNOME.

As part of that, I want to collect feature requests for openQA so we can discuss a shared roadmap. Of course I have lots of feature requests after 2 years of working with openQA but I want to hear from the community any ideas and comments you might have - so please let me know your thoughts about end-to-end testing in GNOME and particularly how we might collaborate more closely with downstream QA teams. I’ll synthesize them into some sort of cohesive document as best I can.

We are also planning a monthly openQA sync call which will be open to anyone interested. I’ll have more details on that soon, but let me know if you’re interested to join so we can figure out a good time.

Happy testing

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quite interested in the openQA monthly sync call @sthursfield

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