OpenGL-library for CAD (Gtk3-gtk_gl_area > OpenGL-vbo/vao)

The grafic-driver of Gpl-3 software gCAD3D ( is based on OpenGL-displaylists.
For Wayland this should be changed to VBO/VAO based OpenGL-driver.
Is there already a library (C-language) for CAD ?
Who can help to find or create a CAD-driver ?

CAD needs:
- display surfaces (n triangles (points + indexes)(color+transparency)|texture)
- display polygon (n points + color thickness + typ (solid-dash-dashDot))
- display symbols ((point|star|triangle|rectangle|arrow) small or big, color)
- display Text (2D (billboard) or 3D (position, orientation, size))
- define positon,orientation of viewpoint
- redraw all objects from new viewpoint
- delete objects 
- combine n objects to group and set positon,orientation (instancing)
- get names of object(s) under cursor (selection,picking)
- nice-to-have: tesselation of surfaces (boundary + support-surface)
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