Open VCS/ICS files

I really miss the possibility to add appointments to my calendars, the only real reason that keep me from using everytime geary instead of thunderbird :frowning:

As long as your ICS file is an attachment (or even if it’s link in the message I guess), Geary allows you to open the selected attachments in an other app that handles ICS files (i.e. the calendar app you use), like it would do for attached images. It should be noted that GNOME Calendar doesn’t handle opening individual ICS files yet, which means it won’t work with it for the time being (until someone actually cooks a MR for it).

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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that’s right, thanks!
It’s more a feature request for gnome calendar than for geary

Yeah, the issue is in Calendar here. :slight_smile:

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