On-screen protractor/measuring tool

Is there a tool to measure distance, angles, and perhaps pull rgb values from my screen in Gnome?

I’ve taken up 3d printing as a hobby, and I want to clone angles from objects I have photographed. I found myself using an android app to measure my laptop screen. The app overlays a protractor on top of the live camera view. And it felt a little silly to be displaying an image on one device to film it on another. I also suspect if my camera position isn’t perfectly perpendicular that will affect the measurement.

I found a Java application to do this:
It says it supports linux, so that’s good, but it hasn’t been touched since 2016 and isn’t launching right for me.

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I ended up using GIMP, since these were already photographs in jpg files. If it were a mapping application or measuring apps or other graphic design needs, I’d still need the onscreen tool though to avoid saving screenshots for every measurement.

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