On screen keyboard poor alignment at 400% and often closes apps

I’m on Gnome 46 and the on screen keyboard at 400% on a 4K monitor pops up a very large grey area, but the keys themselves are aligned along the very bottom of the screen instead of (what seems logical) in the vertical center of that area.

Also, clicking twice on the backspace key closes the terminal app… so, people who have to use on screen keyboard aren’t allowed to make spelling mistakes, it seems. :hot_face:

Sounds like that might be a bug in the terminal if it does not implement the Wayland text-input-v3 protocol properly. What terminal is this?

Gnome Terminal Version 3.52.0 for GNOME 46

I’m not able to reproduce the problem. Can you try to get a backtrace of the GNOME Terminal crash and post it here?

I’m new using Linux. This is what a quick search gave me:


Is the procedure the same under Gnome/Fedora?

On Fedora you can run coredumpctl list to check if a previous crash has been recorded and then launch gdb for that previous crash coredumpctl gdb PID_OF_THE_CRASH. Then you can run bt full to get a backtrace.

Well, I’m using MicroOS Aeon so I haven’t managed to figure out how to install Samba yet so that I can get the core dump text files to another machine (I’m quite new to Linux), but just so this thread won’t auto close, here’s what happened when I went to try to get the info:

  1. I had previously hooked up the mini PC to a 1440p screen and possibly turned off the display scaling, so when I today hooked it up to the TV again the login screen was extremely tiny.

  2. However, once I reached the desktop, the 400% scaling seemed to auto active, although in a strange way…

  3. And here’s the output of the first command. Now, I wasn’t able to go any further here, because enter or ctrl-c didn’t seem to help, so I had to open another terminal window to do the second command (probably a beginner UX issue).

  4. Btw, here’s the login after the mini PC woke from sleep. Note that I didn’t adjust anything in scaling, it just happened all on its own (and note that the keyboard covers the login and password fields)…

Oh, I pressed backspace a lot this time and it didn’t close the keyboard… :man_shrugging:

I moved on to EndeavourOS, and the keyboard is slightly better aligned (although this is 300% with enlarged text now and not 400… but still has a lot of dead space on top of it, when it could be vertically centered instead) but the backspace key doesn’t work at all… :laughing:

I think we can conclude that this is a Gnome issue now.

The backspace key causing applications to crash or not working in some applications is most likely an application issue, related to how those apps implement the text-input-v3 protocol.

The height of the OSK being limited to 1/3 of the screen is part of the gnome-shell code. Given this constraint increasing just the font size instead of increasing everything including the padding (which is what happens when increasing the scaling) will allow things to fit better on screen at the cost of proportions not matching that well.

The space at the top of the OSK is where word suggestions would be displayed. If they are not, you are probably missing the ibus typing booster package.

Thank you for the explanations! They seem technically correct, but unfortunately that doesn’t do anything to improve my UX.

If I’m missing that “booster pack” (which seems missing by default in four distros I’ve tried so far), that wasted screen real estate is still wasted for me. Also, I’m mostly using it to type passwords (two of the screenshots in this thread). I don’t think word prediction matters then, booster pack or not… I’d rather the screen contents would move to always show the text input field (which currently doesn’t happen, as demonstrated in a few of the screenshots as well).

Do you also have a reason for the cut-off bottom row of keys in the second and third screenshot? It’s not because of it being displayed on a TV (I checked).

That’s what I was trying to explain when I said:

1/3 is simply not enough space to display the keyboard at 400% scale with the resolution you are using.

Ah, ok I think I understand now. Only having the keyboard take 1/3rd of the screen is more important than having all the keys fully in view.

Well, I guess each of these UX issues I’ve highlighted needs a separate ticket in Gitlab, so if I figure out how to register on that site without giving them my phone number, maybe one of these days I’ll post there as well.