Offline Mode Issues with Evolution-EWS

Hi all,

I’m using Evolution-EWS 3.50.3 and have encountered a problem. My mailboxes ‘Inbox’, ‘Sent’, etc., are set to ‘offline working mode’ and can seemingly only be accessed via VPN. Without the VPN connection, the folders are not displayed, and Evolution keeps trying to connect to the server.

Could this be due to some misconfiguration on my part? Any guidance to fix this would be appreciated.

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does the same happen when you run Evolution in offline, aka from a

$ evolution --offline

please? I guess the code simply rejects to show any folder when it
fails to connect to the server when the connection to the network is
available. There had been done some changes regarding this for the IMAP
provider some time ago, but I do not recall whether anything similar
had been done also for the EWS. Probably not.

It would help if you could file a bug against it at:

thus it’s not forgotten.

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Hi Milan,

good catch :slight_smile:

Starting evolution with evolution --offline, the folders will be visible.

I created a Bug-Report at: Offline Mode Issues with Evolution-EWS (#269) · Issues · GNOME / evolution-ews · GitLab