Official meld installer for macOS

@kaiw , would you be open to an official installer for macOS in the official repo? would you be open to create a pipeline to build?

I’m considering working on it if you agree with the idea.

For building, I believe we need a script to build the dynamic libraries and then bundle them along with meld and any resources needed. I was able to easily run the latest version of meld by satisfying the dependencies on my system, then running the meld script.

For a pipeline, we’d need to run the build script(s) on a macOS pipeline.

You might want to check out Meld macOS port (#804) · Issues · GNOME / meld · GitLab and GitHub - yousseb/meld: Meld for macOS for existing discussion and efforts. I’m open to merging changes in that make the cross-platform work easier as well.

There’s also the consideration of a likely upcoming GTK 4 port, and I don’t know how that would impact the existing macos support.

I would kind of like to have official macos support, but last I checked there were no macos builders available in GNOME gitlab CI, so something would need to be worked out there. I’m also not personally able to support this operating system, so Meld would need a macos maintainer.

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