October 2021 Engagement marketing meeting call announcement

Right so I’m pretty happy to announce that the next engagement meeting is expected to happen on
Monday the 25th of October at 18:00 UTC. Please very much consider joining the meeting if you have an interest about the GNOME Engagement team and are available at the time for the meeting .

Joining the meeting is a great opportunity to learn more and make huge a difference with regards to the GNOME engagement and marketing activities which can be an interesting way to start, or continue your open source and tech journey.

It is possible to post any agenda items you like to be discussed to this etherpad .

The meeting which will take place in the Home Room:checkered_flag: .

Hope you make to the meeting and best wishes :sunny:

Oliver & Kristi.


Questions are welcome and can sent as a reply to this thread or as a message in #engagment at chat.gnome.org .

More information about the GNOME project and how to get involved is available at gnome.org.


I am attending this month :slight_smile:

Right so here are minutes from the October 2021 meeting. Enjoy:


  • GNOME Asia 2021 Summit update.
  • Fundraising update: End of year and Giving Tuesday.


  • Caroline
  • Luna Jernberg
  • Claudio

Meeting Notes

GNOME Asia: Registration is open and blog post has been published here.


Fundraising: Working on a plan for end of year and giving Tuesday

Plan to start messaging in November - Would love for GNOME members and contributors to also share on their own social media channels and help us spread the word.

Other: We need more contributors on the Engagement team. It’s been difficult to get new contributors to continuing contributing, how do we retain them?

Future Action item
Plan brainstorming meeting for Engagement Team contributior and recruitment.

Faces of GNOME

  • Rename page to “People of GNOME” - name needs to stay as Faces of GNOME as people is already using it for blogs.
  • Research a way to add/remove profiles.*
  • Check design, layout, and content of the page.
  • @Claudio to talk with the membership committee about streamline processes.
    Create terms of use and guidelines for page use (who can request a profile, what can be
    added and what cannot).
  • Share initiative on discourse and for look for additional contributors.

New Action Items:

  • Finish FAQ details.
  • Caroline to do a full page review.
  • What are the criterias for opt-in.
  • Create a gitlab review assign to Caroline, Kristi, and Rosanna to review website and comment changes.
  • Proposal on Discourse.

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