October 2020 Engagement meeting notes

So right here is the notes from the last Engagement meeting , held yesterday October 26. Enjoy.


  • Updates from working teams:

Social media

  • The weekly groups started at Wednesdays at 17 UTC and its for people to pop in and join the team and give feedback. Hopefully we will see it grow.
  • Working on:
    • How to use social media for newcomers.
    • We are working for an overall document on whats the goal, structure etc.
      ‘’’@Melissa’’’ will join the meetings :smiley: It is a free hour so people can join and suggest things we can post on twitter.

Monthly newsletter

  • gnome.org: What do we want to achieve with it?
  • If we want to start working on improving GNOME.org we’ll need to start up a working/planning group
  • This should be lead by Caroline, but may have to wait to get started. Contributors could potentially start initial research
  • Faces of GNOME
  • GNOME CSS/UI Library
  • Moderation Team

Faces of GNOME

  • Do we want to proceed with this?
  • Does it make sense to have it be an official part of engagement?
  • What should it’s official name be (FoG is already in use)?


  • Looking for contributors
  • Need to talk about how to implement this on our websites- currently not usable because we need more contributors to complete the minimum amount of components needed

Moderation Team

  • Do we want to proceed with this initiative?
  • Would need active contributors that can be trusted with a lot of responsibility
  • Would need to decide what the moderation team is about and what the roles are for this team - one of these could be finding people to answer questions people ask on channels
  • Would also need to create instructions and guides on how and when to moderate

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