Obtaining proper function names from GIR

I am attempting to extract data from the Cogl typelib. I am running in to issues where the methods names I am extracting do not match up with what I see in the API documentation.

For example, when I pull out the ‘Color’ Struct (actually named CoglColor), I get references to names without the cogl_color_ prefix. How can I obtain the proper names for these functions?

Does the 'cogl_color" prefix need to be added, manually? If so, will that type of naming pattern hold out for all GI_INFO_TYPE_STRUCTS methods?


Cogl isn’t really an introspectable API. It’s not based off of GObject, and it has its own type inheritance system that cannot be represented by GType and introspection.

In general, though, have you looked at how other bindings, like pygobject and gjs deal with callables on boxed types?

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