November 2021 Engagment Meeting notes minutes

Engagement Team Meeting, November 29th 2021 18:00UTC.


  • Statistics for the engagement team
  • The Faces of GNOME initiative
  • Post GNOME.Asia 2021 notes
  • The 2021 Why do you support GNOME Survey.


  • Kristi
  • Claudio
  • Amanda


Statistics for the engagement team
It may make sense to produce more statistics with regards to the engagement teams efforts on different platforms, and produce more information new initiatives with regards for the the engagement teams activities.

Post GNOME.Asia 2021 notes
There is likely no overstatement that the GNOME.Asia 2021 can be attributed as a great success with lots of interesting things happening with a range of talks on a range of subjects relevant things for GNOME.

*Videos day 1: GNOME Asia Summit 2021 – Day 1, track 1 - YouTube
*Videos day 2: GNOME Asia Summit 2021 - Day 2, track 1 - YouTube

Faces of GNOME
During the meeting we also discussed the Faces on GNOME initiative with @ClaudioWunder and also shared the information with regards to the “Why do you support the GNOME” initiative.

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