Not able to install sdks when starting new projects

I have downloaded the Builder(nightly) and when I create a new project and then builder asks me that it needs to download sdks to which I allow but after some time the sdks do not get downloaded and it shows failed to install org.gnome.sdk/x86/3.34 and also failed to install runtime org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.34
It happens everytime I open my project and try to dowload the sdks.
What could be the problem and related solution or suggestion?
Also, I am a newcomer to gnome I read about gtk in the tutorials provided in the developers section in the gnome website and went through the newcomer guide in the website so if anyone could suggest me a pathway about how to use irc’s of particular project in order to get development updates of a particular project development then that would be a really great help please forgive me if there is some error in my question as it’s the first one I am posting on any community or if the second part of the thread need to be posted as a separate question then please tell I will do so.
P.S. I am trying things in python.

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Hii ^^
How did you install Builder ? And why nighly (which is not stable) ?

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I installed builder(nightly) from ubuntu software manager through gui.
Earlier I installed a stable version using flatpak in which cloned music project of gnome for which I was able to download sdks but when I choose to create new project result is same.
I still have both nightly and flatpak installed version what do I need to do?

A new project uses stable sdk and not nightly sdk. These are different, you can switch it to the nightly sdk by editing the json file in the project dir: change "runtime-version" : "3.36", or 3.34 or whatever it is to master. Otherwise, let Builder download it really.


Thanks @alexm that really helped .

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Is there any way by which I can set default runtime-version for the new projects I create using builder every time I create a new one it asks me to download 3.34 but I have 3.36 installed so can I set it default for my projects.

No, the Builder templates need to be updated upstream.

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