Noob looking for a "dictionary" of keyring attribute/value pairs (seahorse `Details` section)

Not sure I’m posting in the correct category. Tried to use the [keyring] tag, but it doesn’t appear in the pull down box. Blame the noob.

I’ve read, but it doesn’t tell me what the attribute/value pairs in the keyring mean. In seahorse, this list of pairs is enumerated in the Details section. Yes, I realize the values mean whatever the application wants them to mean, but there must be some convention(s), yes? In particular, chrome/chromium will create a new keyring entry for each new “login” I create and it will have similar, but not always the same, details. And chrome seems to get easily confused about which login entry and details to propose when I return to a previous login page. So I’m trying to understand how the mechanism(s) work but also what the “declarative” portions mean.

Please advise at your convenience, thanks.

but there must be some convention(s), yes?

As the author of seahorse (GNOME Passwords and Keys): no, I’m afraid there is none whatsoever. Even in seahorse itself, we just do a lot of guesswork to be able to display for example the username, or the application that installed it.

It’s been added only about an hour ago, so not your fault :wink:

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