Non-square music/video player images in shell are squished/stretched and look awful

There is one thing that is bothering me for a year or more now and since I saw no fix for it even in the latest version of GNOME, that is 46, I wanted to report a bug or send a feedback to the team. But first I want to know if other people have a problem with this as I do.

Whenever I listen to music or watch a video on YouTube, GNOME shell recognizes this and displays in the notification area an image alongside some title and some buttons. But I noticed that if the image is not square, it is squished or stretched to fit the square area allocated for it. Can the image not be squished and instead keep its aspect ratio so that it doesn’t look awful? GNOME is known for its good design. I always liked how GNOME looks. But this in particular is not good design.

You can see in the image below how it looks in the shell:

And then how it looks on YouTube:
Screenshot from 2024-05-12 13-54-38

If the video on YouTube is actually square, then it looks perfectly fine in the shell. I think you don’t need an example for that.

Is there already a bug report for this? Is anyone working on fixing it?

Thank you. I didn’t find that one.