Non destructive editing guide

Thanks for the work in making GIMP even better, Non destructive editing has taken its first steps into the wild. Is there a guide on how to use it? Are there any additional features in development? Is NDE the preferred jargon?

A couple of questions that may be answered by the above.

How do I copy the layer effect(s) and apply it to another layer?
Or, how could I apply a layer effect group to multiple layers?

Could the pop-up with the layer effects expand to encompass the effects list?

The layer effects icon looks like a bra/breasts (eye of the beholder) and is a bit fiddly. It’s maybe trying to literally represent glasses? Could it be more iconic, simpler?

I had a brief go with it, and these were my initial thoughts. Also, I was happy to see it working, and how smoothly it fits into the layer stack GUI, congratulations :slight_smile:

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Hey! I’ll answer what I can:

  1. I intend to focus on documentation once 2.99.18 is out - currently I’m working on bugfixes and the Welcome Dialogue. Someone else is welcome to write a guide first though!

  2. Jehan gave a special exception to the feature freeze for this, so I doubt we can add anything else until after 3.0. I have a few in-progress features though (like importing layer effects from PSDs)

  3. No idea what the preferred jargon will be. :slight_smile:

  4. Unfortunately neither are implemented yet. It’s my current biggest “regret”, and a priority for post 3.0.

  5. It should already - you can see an example of multiple effects visible on the GIMP Chat forums: CMYK Student's non-destructive Gimp build in use by me. - Page 2 • GIMP Chat

  6. It’s the same icon from the View → Display Filters dialogue. It’s intended to be temporary until someone makes a better one.

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