No snapping, Key Manager and general impressions after 45 update

After the update I’m experiencing some issues with my old account.

First of all - window edge snapping is gone. I can’t move window to top / left / right edge to maximize or half screen tile.

Secondly - logging with finger is messed up. After I log in I get to separate “log in with your password to unlock key store” windows.

Tried both features or a fresh test account and it works correctly (also on my main desktop the edge tiling survived intact, but can’t test fingerprint there).

Any suggestions howto fix it on my laptop (aside from creating a completely new account - and btw I’ve tried disabling extensions, didn’t make a difference).

On a more general note - part from issues I like this update. Activities button replace is nice and much more useful.
The big missing thing for me is application menu. Not that I used it features often - but it is important to me as an active window info. When I work on 3 monitors and multiple windows it would be helpful to see which window is actually active. Also it leaves a ton of unused space.
Hope to see extension that would bring it back.

Are you maybe testing on Fedora 39? That enabled fractional scaling by default (until an update from earlier today) which could have resulted in your system using a scale > 100%, which means that windows would be slightly larger and for tiling to work, the minimum size of the window has to fit on half the screen. In that case you can try setting the scaling to 100% in the display settings.

That’s expected and hasn’t really changed in years. The keyring is encrypted using your login password. If you don’t provide your login password, it can’t be decrypted. You can work around this by changing the password of the login keyring to an empty string in seahorse.

Thank for chiming in @skeller

I think you haven’t read my post carefully. I get it that you need to type your password - but I get TWO prompts to enter it , not one :smiley: . The window you can see in the background, in the top left corner is another keyring.

no, it’s OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. No fractional scaling (100%) - but I have scaling factor in Gnome Tweaks set to 1.60 (after many tries this proved to be to get acceptable results when working on small 4K laptop screen). And as mentioned prior to update it worked without a hitch and it also works on a fresh account.

Any tips to get it working again are appreciated (including ways to reset settings for a given account to defaults - even though it would be a bit disappointing).

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