No 'Settings' visible with Gnome Sound Recorder

Good evening,

I’m running Ubunbtu 18.04 LTS.

I have installed “Sound Recorder - A simple, modern sound recorder for GNOME” from the Ubuntu Store. (the mention of ‘Gnome’ brought me back to this illustrious Forum for help)

I hope I am in the correct area for some help with this.

There is absolutely NOTHING on the interface for selecting options and altering preferences. I have ‘clicked’ probably every pixel. I have pressed all the ‘F’ keys. I have probably pressed all the keys - lower case AND upper case!

There are a number of comments on the Store Page regarding this. I am not alone with this problem

I went the the website. Uninstalled the application and then re-installed from their website. The result is identical. No way of changing preferences.

The Ubuntu Store image shows the interface without any icons for selecting preferences. (identical to my display). However, a second image shows another screen with the various options but no indication of how it is called.

I do hope that somebody can either enlighten me - or confirm that this software has major problems with no resolution in sight.

If I’m in the wrong section etc., I do apologise.

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Can you see the icon on the top left?

It appears that is a button, which opens a menu with 3 items one of which is “preferences”.

The version you are using is quite old, so the app no longer quite looks like that.

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Ubuntu 18.04 has reached End Of Life status on June 2023 (Releases - Ubuntu Wiki), consider upgrading.

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Standard support for Ubuntu 18.04 indeed ended but with Ubuntu Pro — which is gratis for personal use — support is extended by another 5 years: Ubuntu Pro | Ubuntu. Just as a FYI.

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Very many thanks for your reply., however there is NO icon! That is the problem. I have even tried to activate ‘hidden’ icons’ - a blank area that responds to a mouse click. There is nothing.

The version you are using is quite old, so the app no longer quite looks like that.<<<

Are you referring to the application? After finding the Ubuntu Store version ‘unchangeable’ I deleted it and reloaded from the application’s website. It was still the same.

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Very many thanks for your reply and I appreciate your comments.

I do realise that ‘Support’ ended in June this year. However, I still receive regular updates from Ubuntu and the “End of Life” (presumably when the updates cease) is stated as 2028.

My first PC was a “386 SX25” running Dos 6 and Windows 3.1. Since that time I have never, ever needed any support from an operating system Software Vendor. Perhaps I’ve just been very lucky.

One reason that I’m never in a rush to ‘Upgrade to the very latest version’ is because I see so many comments in the Ubuntu Store of “Won’t work in version xyz” and “was okay but now doesn’t work after upgrading to Ubuntu abc”.

I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed on five PC’s. None of them are continuously connected to the internet (or to each other) and there is a raft of software spread across them. It all works properly and correctly. (except this Sound Recorder). I am VERY concerned that If I begin to upgrade the operating systems, I may then discover installed applications suddenly no longer work correctly - or even cease working, and require upgrading to later versions. It then becomes a Viscous Circle!

I use my computers for a number of my hobbies - but tinkering with a computer’s software is NOT one of my hobbies. (I did mention this some time ago in a previous post)

If the software I use works perfectly on Ubuntu 18.04, I cannot see any reason to then “rock the boat, upset the apple cart” and begin changing things. “If it isn’t broken, there is nothing to repair!”

The ‘Security’ factor is not really a perceived issue here since NO identifiable personal details are stored on any of the computers - i.e. nothing more than is required to log in here, for example. I’m quite security conscious and cookies, trackers and all the other invasive things are dealt with!

I’m sorry. My reply has developed into a very long winded episode. I appreciate your suggestions and agree that in most other cases, an upgrade would probably be appropriate. The only option that I really needed to change on Sound Recorder is the Output Format. However, it is quite easy to use a Sound Converter to achieve the desired format.

Thank you all for your valuable input. It is very much appreciated. I love USING Linux Ubuntu, - with the emphasis on “using”.

Many thanks and kind regards,



Thank you for your reply. I was aware that 18.04 is expected to be discarded in 2028.

However, I wasn’t aware of the existence of Ubuntu Pro. I’ll have a closer look at it later when I have some spare time to see if the ‘Pro’ version simply gives more specialised dedicated support- or if it is a slightly better operating system.

Many thanks for the ‘heads up’

Kind regards,


I’ll have a closer look at it later when I have some spare time to see if the ‘Pro’ version simply gives more specialised dedicated support- or if it is a slightly better operating system.

It simply means you’ll receive security updates for 5 more years. And with Ubuntu Pro you also get security updates for the universe repository, which even during the standard support period are not guaranteed without Ubuntu Pro.

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