"No Projects Found" after opening, compiling, saving and closing several projects

So Builder doesn’t remember any projects I’ve opened. Just the blank page with “No Projects Found”

  • Fedora Workstation 39 and 40 beta
  • Flatpak 46rc and 46
  • Tried installing the flatpak in the “local” format but still no projects.
  • Wiped everything from ~/.local/ and /var/

not terribly important. seems to work ok though, I just compiled the latest nautilus so no problems with the way it works.

maybe I did something bad to it when I was getting annoyed by projects not working as the code was outside of /home, if I did it’s survived upgrading from F39 to F40 beta.

Also I notice that if I symlink the ~/.config/gtk3.0/bookmarks to ~/.gtk-bookmarks then the file chooser bookmarks work. which is nice. is it meant to come like this? maybe I deleted the file or something at some point.

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