No notification sound

I first noticed that firefox notifications have no sound. This is a new install.

notify-send -u critical "Critical notification!" "this is the body of the notification"

And the notification pops up, but no sound.


notify-send --version
notify-send 0.8.1

ii  gnome-control-center 1:43.6-2~deb12u1 amd64

If I click on Alert Sound radio buttons I get sound. I don’t see any other alert sound configuration (no level specific to notifications, just System Volume).

Notifications have no default sound. If the notification itself does not specify a sound, there won’t be one.

notify-send test --hint=string:sound-name:bell

Thanks. That worked.

So does that mean Firefox needs to specify a sound on its notifications, or they are silent?

Anyway, it is now clear to me that for some applications, sound definitely works, so this is not a gnome issue.

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