No notification for available updates


I have a computer running Gnome 43.6 that does not show notification when updates are available. It was working a few months ago, but can not tell when it stops working. How can I bring back available update notifications? How often does it does Software check for available updates? Is it possible to change this periodicity?

Some details:

  • The computer was installed with Debian 11 and manually upgraded to Debian 12, and currently runs Gnome Software 43.5-1~deb12u1.
  • I confirm that /usr/bin/gnome-software --gapplication-service is started automatically when I open a session.
  • apt list --upgradable lists many available updates.
  • I do not use a metered connection.
  • I do not have any fancy settings in dconf (I only disable automatic download):
$ dconf dump /org/gnome/software/
check-timestamp=int64 1691236134 => Sat Aug  5 13:48:54 CEST 2023
install-timestamp=int64 1661718901 => Sun Aug 28 22:35:01 CEST 2022
online-updates-timestamp=int64 1675285379 => Wed Feb  1 22:02:59 CET 2023
update-notification-timestamp=int64 1698304770 => Thu Oct 26 09:19:30 CEST 2023
  • When I start Gnome Software, it displays the number of updates on the top.
  • Notifications are enabled:
$ dconf dump /org/gnome/desktop/notifications/application/org-gnome-software/
  • I have just created a new user on the machine, member of the sudo group, but it does not get any notification either.


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