No bootable device

I’ve used boxes many times with no issues. It just works.
However, I download the Gnome 41 ISO from the OMG Ubuntu website to run in boxes which according to the article should run very well but when I try it I get the following:

boot failed: not a bootable disk
no bootable device

anyone have an idea as to what’s happening and what the work around would be ?


The GNOME OS image required EFI, which Boxes doesn’t support by default because it brakes our support for snapshots.

A way around it, sacrificing snapshots, is to use GNOME Boxes from Flathub and select “GNOME OS” during the VM creation process.

I’m looking forward to bring EFI support to Boxes without having to disable snapshots. sorry for the inconvenience.

That worked, thank you !!!


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