New version of gedit released: gedit 46.0

A message to announce gedit 46.0.

The highlight is that it should fix the crash on startup on macOS (Linux and Windows were unaffected by this).

Some technical details about this macOS issue

On macOS the headerbar is not present, instead gedit has a detached menu (shown at the top of the screen) and a normal window title (like native macOS apps), like shown in this old screenshot. The problem was that gedit always created the headerbar, and on macOS it then destroyed it once a window was created. The crash was due to some part of the code still believing that the headerbar was present.

So a proper way to fix this is to not create the headerbar in the first place (only on macOS), and check if the headerbar (or one of its components) exist before using it.

This was easier said than done :sweat_smile:

Other technical details about this gedit release

Code refactorings continue, putting the code in a re-usable fashion in libraries. These libraries are now part of what is called Gedit Technology.

This time around the Amtk library has been renamed to libgedit-amtk. It’s planned to have the “libgedit-” prefix for Tepl too. That way it’s a bit clearer: for the projects or packages starting with “libgedit”, people will better know where it comes from and what it is.

So, gedit is improving and changing incrementally, there are no disruptive changes. Releases are more frequent (“release early, release often”).

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